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Straw Mushroom in Brine

Straw Mushroom in Brine



  • The straw mushroom, also called "paddy straw mushroom," is cultivated in the hot, steamy climate of Southeast Asia.
  • In Asia, the Straw Mushroom is readily available in fresh, dried, and canned form at most markets
  • Mushroom contains more than 30% of the protein,which is much higher than the common fruits and vegetables.
  • Specification:
  • Peeled and Unpeeled mushroom all sizes
  • Mushroom types:
  • - Peeled, size: PS (15-19mm), PM (19-25mm), PL (>25mm)
  • - Unpeeled, size: USS (<15mm), US (15-15mm), UM (19-25mm), UL (>25mm)
  • - Stems: >30mm long
  • - Broken
  • - Color: black
  • - Packing: tins/jars

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